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Artist's Statement


My work is an intermingling of Art and Science, intellect and emotion, motivated by the narratives revealed in rocks and minerals, and the significance of this deep geologic history, the co-evolution of Earth and Life, to humanity.

Earth materials, mostly collected during my research, are my palette for weaving montages that span scales of time and space to reveal and connect events and processes that are not directly visible. 


The purpose is to share what is at the heart of this endeavor--

The gigantic—the mountains, the air, the universe, 

a society—

Is the sum of the small.

Human habitat—billions of years in the making,

is tenuous and transitory.

Within these fragments of scale and time,

the enormous depth of our emotions and

the grandeur of a human life

is as fleeting as memory, and yet,

preciously monumental.

- N Gruver Van Wagoner

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